PRNCOM is always seeking new ways to enable wider audience participation particularly by using Social Media. We continue to support projects which include the use of Facebook, Messenger, Whats App, Linked In, LINE, Skype and many other android platforms.

GROUPS on Social Media

We have launched a number of CHAT groups on Facebook Messenger as well as one or two Facebook Groups. CHAT Groups are instant and are for those people who like to be involved in 'conversation' when subjects are added to the Group whereas Facebook Groups headed up by a particular organisation involve live conversation far less but just information when events are happening. Not everyone likes using these tools but many people do. If you have been included in a CHAT Group you can use the settings of the app to restrict the number of notifications for a time or even altogether. Simply click on the menu option (usually a drop down menu at down right) and follow the options. It is not necessary to leave the group, just simply to adjust the app to your own preferences and yet still be a part of the group. It is the same for other types of on-line groups too.

If you wish to join a group and 'be kept informed' of things going on .... simply launch Facebook  or Facebook Messenger, click on the 'Groups' icon and search for Groups that may be of interest to you.


These days a lot of people make use of the FREE calls and texts available within Social Media Apps. Popular apps are Facebook Messenger,  Whats App and Skype*. There are others. Provided you are near your own or have free access to another WI-FI spot you can make FREE texts and calls to your friends worldwide. NB: Be careful that you do not exceed your ROAMING or DOWNLOAD limits and inadvertantly receive charges applied by your provider. To ensure you don't - make sure your Roaming icon is OFF and simply use any of the FREE Wi-fi spots or your own broadband wi-fi to FREE use.


If you have SKYPE on your android phone, computer, tablet or other device, you can make FREE texts, calls and VIDEO calls worldwide. This is a very popular video messaging and conferencing tool for keeping in touch with relatives and friends both in the UK and abroad.

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