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Your Secure On-Line Account


NB: If you have a GMAIL account of your own the 'My Account' feature on the  Home Page will take you to your own GMAIL Account and/or Sign In Page. ALL PRNCOM customer accounts were terminated and archived on 31st JANUARY 2015 when the service was closed.

Archive Access Notes:-

"It is part of our good governance that our members have security and privacy when communicating information across the internet. For this reason ALL our members can have a FREE secure account on our site. The account is on the GOOGLE platform with google mail.

If you are a NEW or RETURNING customer the steps are as follows:

  • Make sure you are REGISTERED with us and have filled out our online Registration Form. To do this simply click on REGISTRATION-PROFILE UPDATES on the homepage. You must also use this to update your personal details with us (eg: if you change your own email address or phone numbers etc;)
  • If you are already Registered  and/or when you are accepted as a Registered Member you will have received an email telling you your Google username  and initial password to enable you to access your secure PRNCOM account directly from the Google sign-in page.
  • Once you have the above simply go to the main page at and at the top Menu Bar click on MY ACCOUNT .
  • You will then reach a screen which asks you to type in your username and password. [If you have forgotten either of these you will need to send an email to for NEW ID details]. Once you have inserted your username and password in the appropriate fields click SUBMIT and you will be LOGGED-IN to your Google 'Paul R Nugent.Com' account. This will show at the Top Right of the opening mail page. 
  • Make sure you have accessed the right GMAIL account. If you have another GMAIL account you will need to LOG OUT of it and re-insert your Paul R Nugent.Com username and password using the GMAIL 'sign in with a different account' and  'add an account' feature.
Once you get used to the above procedure it is simply just a few clicks to get there from the main PRNCOM-OASIS screen at .

FOR HELP in customising your PRNCOM secure account and any of its features,  send an email from your own external email account to   giving a phone number to contact you on whilst you are at your computer station and we will help you by phone. [OR you can also use the Google help screens to enhance your experience.] We can also show you how to have face to face interviews with us using SKYPE or can come and set up your computer for you and demonstrate the features in a one-to-one guidance session."