Constantly harrassed by your computer crashing or frustrated when for some stupid reason it hangs or won't print anymore? Ever wondered HOW to create a  You Tube Film, or Download an MP3 Music File to a CD ? Ever tried to copy photographs using Blue Tooth on your Mobile or get your head round 'predicted text'. Why won't my TV tune in OR how can I get the best from my DAB Radio or Wireless Network ? Just HOW do I write a Powerpoint Show or Edit my music and picture files? Ever thought you could learn to file your own Tax Return Form on-line ? Ever thought what you will do when writing cheques become obsolete in the not too distant future, and you're still unsure about internet or telephone banking ?

Why join MEDIA CLUB ?  Expert advice by email whenever you need it OR share with other Members through our Newsletters and Events....Interested ?   Send an email  headed MEDIA CLUB to  and you'll be sent details of how, for a very small annual membership fee (currently £12.00 pa in 2010), you can join and start improving and sharing media skills and problems and get the advice you need. If you are already a fully paid up member of one of our other sponsored charities you can join Media Club for FREE. You can also become a Media Club volunteer and start sharing your new skills by helping us at activities and events.

Proceeds go to Charity ? All the profits from this MEDIA CLUB ie: Productions, Photograph Sales, Events Coverage, Royalties from Publishers etc etc, are donated 100% to our sponsored charity(ies).

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