EVANGELICAL SERVICES began as a small ministry which, along with one or two ecumenical christian friends sought to assist small multi-faith groups by sharing experience and fellowship, supplying occasional resources where perhaps skilled workers were in short supply or where key personnel were ill or simply needed support in a variety of ways. Church and Project assessment was offered by way of improving committment and empowering leadership. Evangelical Services now seeks to continue to spread the Good News of salvation to all communities in which people of all faiths and creeds work and live.

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Looking After All God's Creatures Great & Small

The Barnabas Group Project through Evangelical Services.

Prayer, Bible Study and Fellowship groups were supported over a number of years in a variety of ways in Hartlepool, Stockton, Stokesley, Osmotherley, Peterlee, Wycliffe, Ripon and Ampleforth for anyone from any denomination who met for fellowship, discussion or prayer. Over the years the Barnabas Group Project has supported various church denominations and groups  in Music, Ministry, Media and Resources provision, and has supported Community Churches and Community Groups in the North East.

Lately, by way of Servant Evangelism, we've been helping the poorer and deprived communities and people, both young and old, into a better quality of life linked in with the PRNCOM- OASIS projects.

Much of the work is based quite plainly on the kind of work Barnabas (as a good helper) did in his local community over 2000 years ago. ' Love thy neighbour' ?

Younger Days! - Paul Nugent of PRNCOM-OASIS on Keyboards at the Elim Pentecostal Church Stockton July 2004

Evangelical Services has supported various charities and charitable organisations over the years and Paul Nugent's music ministry used to raise funds for organisations such as Save The Children and The Leprosy Mission.

Lately, with the advent of new technology, particularly in the digital media area, Paul is using the skills he picked up from being a radio presenter together with his computer skills to produce web-sites, pod casts and hopefully (watch this space) in the not too distant future 'internet' based media including Photo Story's, Films, Music, Presentations, Streamed TV and Radio. Evangelical Services was overseen by Pastor Bob Nugent (Paul's father) who died aged 87 in May 2010. Bob had a remarkable 'prayer' ministry and a long prayer list, praying for people every day. This list is still held and used by Paul so, If you have a need or know of someone who needs prayer or support in any way, please let us know and we can arrange the need to be added to the  list.  Prayer across all communities, denominations and creeds can still change things today.

Paul has also written some devotional songs over the years and a few of these appear on his personal website at Paul Nugent and Friends , and on CD and other formats. Some you'll find on You Tube. Please keep in touch and send us any of your messages of support. If you wish to send a gift or make a donation to our OASIS work please goto and follow the 'donations' links. All gifts go towards supplying and supporting the services, projects and resources mentioned above as well as to other OASIS Community projects and our sponsored charities. Staff take no pay for themselves and work totally voluntarily.

God Bless You