Associated Independent Accountants & Advisers



The AIAA is essentially an ON-LINE Group for Independent Sole Practitioners, Advisers or Tutors working in the Finance Sector. The AIAA is 100% internet based. The AIAA is currently 100% owned and sponsored by PRNCOM ( ) - and members converse on-line.


AIAA Membership Certificates are issued to FULL members. Student Members who have not achieved FULL status through Training or by Qualification receive a Student Membership Registration Document. Membership Certificates are issued on successful application for membership and remain the property of the AIAA. They contain a membership number and details of present membership status.


The AIAA is not a Society or Institute and AIAA Members are merely 'associates'. These days the phrase is 'Linked-In' with each other. The cost of all administration which includes the cost of maintaining this web page is currently funded by PRNCOM-OASIS  and membership is currently FREE upon successful application. Members can contact each other via email, fax or telephone. Ownership of a secure computerised work station with internet access at home or at a business work station is an essential requirement of membership.


PRNCOM-OASIS solely manages the AIAA at its discretion, the Principal (Paul R Nugent - Retired Tax Accountant) being the Honorary President of the AIAA. It is managed and hosted FREE of CHARGE and PRNCOM-OASIS seeks only to ensure the AIAA is promoted within the private sector as a consultative and representative support group for all Independent Accountants, Tax Advisers, Financial and Other Advisers, including Teachers and Tutors in any of the Commercial, Statutory, Voluntary and Private sectors.




·        Membership of an exclusive totally independent practitioners group.

·        Networking and possible referral Consultancy Work in your own specialist area. 

·        Training Links and Impartial Help if or when you need it.

·        Problem Sharing with other Independents like yourself.

·        Representation, Technical Advice, References, Resources & Business Support.

·        Advertise your own business through associated network members.

·        Recorded recognition of your main achievements.

·        Occasional Networking Events. 

·        Email, Newsletters and Information.

·        The *AIAA Logo on your own stationery (*written permission of AIAA Regd Office reqd.) 

·        Networking with like minded professionals, not just staying or feeling alone.

ALL comments, enquiries, or for application forms etc - please email customer services